Watch the Best Activist Documentaries Online

What is activism, and who are the activists?

We all are. As Howard Zinn once said, "You can't be neutral on a moving train." So, even if we don't consider ourselves activists, no matter how we choose to spend our time each day, we're all advocating something. The question is, what world are we co-creating with our daily thoughts, words and actions? Seen in this light, we all have a great deal more agency to affect the world than we might think. And this is the insight we all have to reach. We all have to realize our individual and collective power.

As it stands today, apathy may be our number 1 problem. Too many people believe their actions won't make a difference, so people end up doing nothing and their despair becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Part of the problem is that too many people associate activism with political activism, and it's quite understandable that few see our utterly broken political system as a worthwhile investment of their time and energy, not even mentioning voting. But there is a far bigger range of outlets beyond political venues to put one's resources.

This page is dedicated mostly to those non-political means. Below you can watch over 200 of the best videos about ordinary people coming together to bring about social, political, economic, and environmental change. These films put a spotlight on the voices of the myriad movements working to change the world - voices you will almost never hear represented by the mainstream media. More than anything, these activist videos document the positive efforts people are taking to make a difference. Far from the impression that you might get from the mainstream media, there is a massive movement representing millions of people all across the world who are fighting for a better world. Let these films inspire you to join them, or, if you already have, to re-inspire.