This natural farming method and re-vegetation of desertified lands is based on no-till, no-herbicide grain cultivation farming methods traditional to many indigenous cultures. This method is commonly referred to as 'Natural Farming' or 'Do-nothing Farming' based on recognizing the complexity of living organisms that shape an ecosystem and deliberately exploiting it, suggesting that if farmers worked within ecological cycles, based on close attention to local observations, they could benefit remarkably from them.

The five principles of Natural Farming are that:

1) human cultivation of soil, plowing or tilling are unnecessary, as is the use of powered machines

2) prepared fertilizers are unnecessary, as is the process of preparing compost

3) weeding, either by cultivation or by herbicides, is unnecessary. Instead only minimal weed suppression with minimal disturbance

4) applications of pesticides or herbicides are unnecessary

5) pruning of fruit trees is unnecessary