Super Powers

WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT US AS HUMAN BEINGS THIS FASCINATION (obsession? programmed thought process? instinct?) we seem to have with

Is this idea related to eugenics? Is this just human survival instincts? Is it the desire to move beyond our current situations? What do "superhero" or "hero" or "super powers" really mean? What makes a superhero a good superhero? There are already lots of technologies being developed that many would consider "super human," such as: nanotechnology body suits that work like skin but can protect you from anything, make you strong, and who knows what else. There are technologies being developed to lengthen life -- so that people can live for 300 years, or even longer. There are technologies that can already do basic mind reading. So, what happens when technologies advance so much that individual human beings can have such incredible "super human" powers? Who will be the people who will use and be allowed to use these technologies? Will everyone be allowed to become "super human" or will only a small elite group of people? And what does it do to us, to our minds and hearts and lives, to imagine and even worship superheroes when we, ourselves, are not superheroes in the ways they are? Or do these ideas simply help us bring out or identify our own best qualities? How much do we really think about the impact (positive, negative, and otherwise) of this idea of "SUPER"?

Can there be a cult of "super"?
Is there a religion of "super"?
Who decides what is "super"?
In what infinite number of ways can "super" be defined?