Frequency Creates Form

QUESTION: Thinking, they say, happens through electrical impulses. Electrical frequencies can be measured, and all things, living or non-living, emit or vibrate certain frequencies -- from thoughts to water to rocks to planets and stars. So... if you change a frequency (such as the frequency of sound) you change the form something takes (as can be seen in this video when the changing of the sound frequency changes the form of the sand). Therefore, is it then possible that how we think changes the form/s of who we are? Literally? Physically? Does how we think literally affect the physical qualities of our bodies and brains? Meditation has been shown to have huge impacts on health. Get too stressed out with your thoughts (worrying, for example) and your chances of getting sick go up. Change the idea of design and the resulting object changes. So to what degree do the vibrational frequencies of thought change the forms of reality? What do you think?