One Way To Meditate

Meditation is a continuous process and can be said to have three stages: relaxation, interiorization (going inside), and expansion. But the essence of meditation is really EFFORTLESSNESS -- you do not try to meditate, you just let yourself be.

Find a comfortable place to sit.

Close your eyes.

Relax as profoundly as you can.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

If it helps you to relax, you might want to count your breaths; 1 for breathing in, 2 for breathing out, up to 10, then start over at 1. Or repeat a mantra. Though all of this is, actually, unnecessary and unhelpful if it keeps you from letting go or distracts you.

Simply let go.

Letting go
should come easily, without effort.

Do not force your mind to concentrate on anything. Allow it to flow effortlessly.

If thoughts come to you, acknowledge them and let them go.

Do the same with any sounds you hear, feelings in your body, etc, etc.

Let go of everything.

Feel and experience the "unified field" or "pure consciousness" or "infinite energy" of all things which is an infinite flow of bliss, intelligence, creativity, universal love, peace.

Do this for 20 minutes in the morning, when you wake up, and 20 minutes at night.

Increase the time you meditate in 5 minute increments, until you can get up to maybe 45 minutes each time you meditate, if possible. Or just let yourself go for whatever amount of time feels best.

Do this every day for the rest of your life.